Peach Property Group AG owns a diversified property portfolio comprising investment properties and high-quality development projects with an emphasis on residential properties. By the end of 2014, Peach Property Group will have a balanced portfolio containing approximately 50% investment properties and 50% development properties. The location of the properties owned by the Group will be divided evenly between Switzerland and Germany, with each country accounting for around 50%. Current information on the portfolio is contained in the quarterly Asset Reporting.


Peach Portfolio

Munster Dortmund Office Dortmund Monument Erkrath Retail Erkrath Wohnen  Bad Reichenhall Bakery Mews & Gardens Gretag Office Gretag Wohnüberbau I Gretag Wohnüberbau II H36 yoo berlin Am Zirkus 1 Living 108 Schooren des Alpes Wollerau Park Aquatica / Kölla / Mansion Dockside Beach House