Bond facts

Perpetual convertible hybrid bond for CHF 25 million with an option to increase to CHF 59 million.

Issuer Peach Property Group AG, Seestrasse 346, 8038 Zurich / ZH, Switzerland (the “Issuer”).
Issue amount  CHF 25’000’000 with an option to increase to CHF 59’000’000.
Interest rate 3.00% p.a. from issue date through to 30th September 2022 (incl.)
3-month LIBOR +9.25% p.a. from 1st October 2022
For further details see Item 3 of the Bond Conditions.
Interest payment No general payment commitment, with the exception of the following events: Dividend disbursement; share buy-back; payments in favour of other subordinated securities; repayment of the hybrid bond; bankruptcy.
Unpaid interest is carried forward (no compound interest).
For further details see Item 3.4 of the Bond Conditions.
Term Unlimited (perpetual), can be terminated for the first time by the issuer as of 30th September 2022.
Conversion Period / Conversion Right From 16th October 2017 to 30th September 2020 bonds can be converted to registered shares of the issuer in a denomination of currently CHF 1.00. Fractions with more than CHF 10.00 will be balanced in cash.
Conversion Price CHF 29.50, resembling a markup of 19.62% compared to Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) of SIX Swiss Exchange traded registered securities from the 4th August 2017 to the 14th September 2017.
Conversion Ratio Each shareholder receives subscription rights, 0.0108 per CHF 1.00 registered security.  Each shareholder has the right to sign an obligation per subscription right during the Presigningperiod.
Repayment 100% The bonds do not have a fixed term, and the bond holders do not have the right to cancel the bonds and make these due for repayment. No right to premature repayment in the event of payments being in arrears with the exception of bankruptcy, insolvency or violation of the provisions of the bond conditions.
Termination by the issuer possible at 100% for the first time as of 30th September 2022, then on each subsequent coupon date.
Denomination CHF 1,000 nominal value and multiples thereof.
Securitisation The bonds are securitised in the form of a global certificate (perpetual). The bond-holder is not granted any right to the printing of individual certificates.
Guarantee None; this bond is a direct, unconditional and subordinated obligation of the Issuer.
Listing/trading The bond is listed on SIX Swiss Exchange.
Bond number/ISIN 38195225 / CH0381952255
Paying agent Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG


Prospectus and bond conditions

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