Corporate Governance

The principles by which Peach Property Group is organised, managed and controlled are in line with the principles of the “Swiss Code of Best Practice” and the guidelines of the Swiss Stock Exchange SIX. The central elements of corporate governance are defined in articles of association and regulations. In addition, Peach Property Group AG issues an annual corporate governance report as part of its annual report.

Board of Directors

Name Year of birth Position Member of the Board of Directors since Elected Until
Reto A. Garzetti 1960 President 2015 General Meeting 2019
Peter E. Bodmer 1964 Member 2009 General Meeting 2019
Dr. Christian De Prati 1970 Member 2011 General Meeting 2019
Kurt Hardt 1966 Member 2019 General Meeting 2019


Name Year of birth Position Peach Property
Group since
Dr. Thomas Wolfensberger 1972 Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 2006
Dr. Marcel Kucher 1971 Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 2011
Dr. Andreas Steinbauer 1975 Head of Sales and Marketing 2009

Articles of Association and Regulations

Description Format Size Download
Articles of Association PDF 345 KB Download Button
Organisational Regulations PDF 299 KB Download Button
Request for Registration PDF 715 KB Download Button
Regulations for Registration PDF 734 KB Download Button
Management Transactions HTML n.a. Download Button
SIX Exchange Regulation: Disclosure of participants according to Art. 120 ff. Financial Markets Infrastructure Act (FinfraG) HTML n.a. Download Button
SIX Exchange Regulation: Disclosure of participants: Comment HTML n.a. Download Button
Corporate Governance Report PDF 6156 KB Download Button


Peach Property Group AG’s auditor and its auditor for its consolidated financial statements has been PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Zurich, Switzerland since 2007.