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We have first and foremost our committed and reliable employees to thank for our success and our strong growth.

Mission statement

The Peach Property Group is a real estate investor with an investment focus on residential rental properties in Germany. The Group stands for many years of experience, competence and quality. Innovative solutions for state-of-the-art living needs, strong partnerships and a broad value chain round off the profile. The portfolio consists of high-yield portfolio properties, typically in B-cities in the catchment area of conurbations. Our operations are focused on providing affordable and modern living spaces with tenant satisfaction representing our top priority. We achieve this through an emphasis on service delivery, continuous dialogue and communication with tenants, and targeted measures aimed at constantly improving the living quality on offer, as well as the surroundings.

In addition, the Group develops real estate for its own portfolio or for condominium marketing. In the latter area, the Group concentrates on A locations and properties with attractive architecture and upscale furnishings for an international clientele. Its activities span the entire value chain from evaluating locations through to acquisitions and also active asset management and property sales or lettings.


Take some time to get to know our board of directors and management better.

Board of Directors
Gerald Klinck
  • Gerald Klinck is the CEO of Peach Property Group AG
  • He has more than 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, including:
    • Membership of the Executive Board of Deutsche Wohnen Group
    • Board member at Vonovia
    • CFO and Co-CEO at TLG Immobilien
    • CEO and CFO of Cureus GmbH
  • In addition to his role as CEO at Peach Property Group, he also takes over the responsibilities of the CFO
Marcus Schmitt
  • Marcus Schmitt is the COO of Peach Property Group AG
  • He has more than 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, including:
    • Focus on managing large portfolios
    • Most recently, he held the position of Regional Division Manager at Vonovia, overseeing assets of more than EUR 4 billion
  • Marcus Schmitt has a degree in business administration from the University of Passau
Thorsten Arsan
  • Thorsten Arsan is responsible for Corporate Finance
  • He has more than 19 years of experience, including:
    • overseeing Equity and Debt Capital Market transactions, credit ratings, and financing structures
    • he was previously Head of Corporate Finance/Deputy Head of Finance & Treasury at Vonovia SE and former Senior Vice President for Finance, Controlling, Investor Relations and M&A at Adler Group SA
Dr. Andreas Steinbauer
Head of Letting & Sales
  • Dr. Andreas Steinbauer is responsible for the Peach Group’s marketing activities.
  • He has more than 15 years of experience, including:
    • in end-to-end real estate development
    • He was previously responsible for the entire portfolio of luxury project developments with Orco Property Group.
  • He holds a doctorate in international real estate markets from the University of Kingston.
Management Team in Zurich
Management Team in Cologne
Susanne Hünermann
Head of Legal Germany
  • Susanne Hünermann is responsible for legal affairs for the Group’s companies in Germany.
  • Se has more than 18 years of experience in real estate law, including:
    • as an attorney with the firm of corporate attorney HeukingKühnLüerWojtek, Cologne.
    • Corporate attorney for the group law department with Zurich Group Germany.
  • Susanne Hünermann studied legal sciences at the University of Cologne and graduated as a specialist attorney for rental law and residential property ownership law.
Marc Sesterhenn
Managing Director of german Asset companies & Head of Asset & Property Management
  • Marc Sesterhenn is the managing director of the German asset companies and is responsible for asset and property management.
  • He has more than 11 years of experience, including:
    • Financial control and commercial project development with LEG/Goldmann Sachs (Whitehall Funds)
    • Head of Key Account with Bilfinger Real Estate / Apleona
  • Marc Sesterhenn studied Real Estate Asset Management (IREBS) in Kloster-Eberbach and graduated as a real estate economist (EBZ) in Bochum.
Christoph Kattenfeld
Head of Acquisitions
  • Christoph Kattenfeld is responsible for the Peach Group’s acquisition activities.
  • He has more than 15 years of experience in corporate finance and real estate, including:
    • Director of Investments / Head of Acquisitions with Round Hill Capital / Vitus Gruppe
    • Deputy Head of M&A and Executive Director Portfolio Financing with Deutsche Annington
  • Christoph Kattenfeld holds an MBA from Wharton School of Business and studied business administration at Vienna University.

Group Structure

Group-Structure – click to enlarge.


The Peach Property Group has offices in Zurich, Cologne and Berlin.

Our group headquarters are in Zurich. We currently employ 13 people here. In addition to our Group Management, our General Counsel, Group Accounting and Controlling, and Investor Relations are based in Zurich.

The headquarters for Peach’s German business is in Cologne. In addition to our Strategic Portfolio Management, our Operational Asset Management is also located here, which works very closely with our local Peach Points. Corporate Accounting and Tax Management are also based in Cologne.

Property accounting is performed in Berlin. In addition to the accounting of rental income, this includes preparing ancillary billings, as well as processing all invoices connected to property management. In addition, all service costs for our tenants are prepared and sent from Berlin.

Peach Points

The Peach Points are central contact points and popular meeting places for our tenants. Recently we have established Peach Points at 15 locations, meaning that some 80% of our tenants have direct access to their personal contact partner – it is often within walking distance.

With our Peach Points, we communicate with our tenants directly and eye-to-eye. Whether it’s in-person on site or over our Web-based tenants’ portal, the tenants’ app or WhatsApp: we deal with queries and repair requests quickly and easily.

Peach Point Oberhausen

Peach Hausverwaltungen GmbH

Marktstraße 157
46045 Oberhausen

Tel.: +49 208 780 141 0
Fax: +49 208 780 141 99

Zuständigkeiten: Duisburg, Gladbeck, Oberhausen

Zuständigkeiten: Neukirchen Vluyn

Servicebüro vor Ort:
Ulmenweg 4
47506 Neukirchen Vluyn


Peach Point Erkrath

Peach Hausverwaltungen GmbH

Hochdahler Markt 3
40699 Erkrath

Tel.: +49 2104 800 26 0
Fax: +49 2104 800 26 99

Zuständigkeiten: Düsseldorf, Erkrath, Haan, Hilden, Langenfeld, Solingen, Willich, Wuppertal

Zuständigkeiten: Eschweiler, Schwelm, Aachen, Bergheim, Remscheid, Mönchengladbach

Zuständigkeiten: Velbert

Peach Point Kaiserslautern

Peach Hausverwaltungen GmbH

Königsberger Straße 11-17
67659 Kaiserslautern

Tel.: +49 631 343 708 0
Fax: +49 631 343 708 99

Zuständigkeiten: Kaiserslautern, Landstuhl

Peach Point Essen

Peach Hausverwaltungen GmbH

Gladbecker Straße 381
45326 Essen

Tel.: +49 201 890 825 0
Fax: +49 201 890 825 99

Zuständigkeiten: Bochum, Bottrop, Essen, Mühlheim an der Ruhr

Peach Point Nordhessen

Peach Hausverwaltungen GmbH

Thüringer Straße 2
37213 Witzenhausen

Tel.: +49 5542 307 97 0
Fax: +49 5542 307 97 99

Zuständigkeiten: Bad Hersfeld, Bad Langensalza, Bebra, Eisenach, Eschwege, Hessisch Lichtenau, Witzenhausen

Peach Point Dortmund

Peach Hausverwaltungen GmbH

Rheinische Straße 167
44147 Dortmund

Tel.: +49 231 999 931 0
Fax: +49 231 999 931 99

Zuständigkeiten: Dortmund, Castrop-Rauxel, Hagen, Herdecke, Schwerte, Wetter (Ruhr), Witten

Peach Point Dortmund 2

Peach Hausverwaltungen GmbH

Altenderner Straße 49
44329 Dortmund

Tel.: +49 231 997 660 0
Fax: +49 231 997 660 99

Zuständigkeiten: Dortmund, Lanstrop, Scharnhorst

Zuständigkeiten: Ahlen, Beckum, Hamm

Peach Point Ludwigshafen

Peach Hausverwaltungen GmbH

Pranckstraße 3
67061 Ludwigshafen

Tel.: +49 621 637 459 0
Fax: +49 621 637 459 99

Zuständigkeiten: Ludwigshafen, Frankenthal, Ilvesheim, Schifferstadt

Peach Point Recklinghausen

Peach Hausverwaltungen GmbH

Königsbank 57
45663 Recklinghausen

Tel.: +49 2361 970 91 0
Fax: +49 2361 970 91 99

Zuständigkeiten: Datteln, Herten, Marl, Recklinghausen

Zuständigkeiten: Herne

Peach Point Helmstedt

Peach Hausverwaltungen GmbH

Lessingstraße 42
38350 Helmstedt

Tel.: +49 5351 383 09 0
Fax: +49 5351 383 09 99

Zuständigkeiten: Esbeck, Helmstedt, Schöningen

Peach Point Marl

Peach Hausverwaltungen GmbH

Brassertstraße 80
45768 Marl

Tel.: +49 2365 872 75 0
Fax: +49 2365 872 75 99

Zuständigkeiten: Marl

Peach Point Gelsenkirchen

Peach Hausverwaltungen GmbH

Ahrstraße 18
45879 Gelsenkirchen

Tel.: +49 209 513 053 0
Fax: +49 209 513 053 99

Zuständigkeiten: Gelsenkirchen

Peach Point Minden

Peach Hausverwaltungen GmbH

Prenzlauer Weg 5
32429 Minden

Tel.: +49 571 7846 24 0
Fax: +49 571 7846 24 99

Zuständigkeiten: Minden, Rinteln, Herford, Löhne, Porta Westfalica, Lemgo, Detmold, Oerlinghausen, Bad Salzuflen, Bielefeld

Peach Point Heidenheim

Peach Hausverwaltungen GmbH

Grabenstraße 3
89522 Heidenheim an der Brenz

Tel.: +49 7321 488 87 0
Fax: +49 7321 488 87 99

Zuständigkeiten: Heidenheim, Herbrechtingen, Königsbronn

Peach Point Fassberg

Peach Hausverwaltungen GmbH

Lange Reihe 12
29328 Fassberg

Tel.: +49 5055 231 97 0
Fax: +49 5055 231 97 99

Zuständigkeiten: Fassberg, Delmenhorst, Ganderkesee

Peach Point Munster

Peach Hausverwaltungen GmbH

Muncloh 13
29633 Munster

Tel.: +49 5055 231 97 0
Fax: +49 5055 231 97 99

Zuständigkeiten: Munster


The Peach Property Group was founded in 2001. Since 2011 we have focussed on the purchasing of existing properties and the rental of modern and affordable apartments.


Peach Property Group achieves the highest FFO I in the Group's history at EUR 22.8 million, significantly improving its operating profitability.

Digital business model pays off in the reporting year and ensures greater efficiency and synergy effects as well as reduced operating and personnel costs.

Further improvement in the Morningstar Sustainalytics ESG rating from 11.5 in the previous year to 10.3 in the 2023 financial year. This means that our risk rating is low (10 to 20), and we are among the top 9 percent of more than 1,000 companies assessed. Among other things, the service-oriented handling of our rents was particularly emphasized.


Vacancy rate reduced from 8% in the previous year, to 6.9% in the reporting year.

Integration of the portfolio of the approximately 4 300 residential units acquired in the previous year into own management.

First-ever ESG risk rating by Morningstar Sustainalytics of 11.5 in the "low" risk category - placing Peach Property Group in the top 4% of all 15 000 plus companies assessed.

Advancing its sustainability strategy: more than 2 160 residential refurbishments carried out in 2022, of which around 810 were energy-related refurbishments.

Groundbreaking in Wädenswil on Lake Zurich in December 2022: 57 exclusive apartments are being built in sought-after location, of which almost 60% have been sold or reserved.


Further expansion of the portfolio to over 27 400 units. Total market value of the existing portfolio increases significantly to over EUR 2.6 billion.

Regional focus of the 4 300 newly acquired apartments, mainly in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Focus on energy efficiency and environment related refurbishment of existing properties as well as improvements in the surroundings, e.g. the opening of an outdoor physical activity pathway ("Trimm Dich Pfad") in Kaiserslautern.

Milestones 2020 - 2011

Portfolio increases to around 23 200 residential units with a market valueof over CHF 2 billion.

Expansion mainly in existing locations through the acquisition of around 10 800 apartments in North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate.

A further 5 new Peach Points were opened.


Portfolio increases to around 13 000 residential units with a market value of over CHF 1.1 billion.

Acquisition of 3 672 apartments in the Ruhr area, Bielefeld and Kaiserslautern as well as a portfolio of 528 apartments in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Transfer of ownership of 421 apartments in Marl and Kaiserslautern.

Opening of three further Peach Points in Nordhessen, Ostwestfalen and Kaiserslautern.


Acquisition of 2 899 apartments: including 1 247 units around Bielefeld, 1 061 units in Heidenheim, 273 units in Kaiserslautern and Saarbrücken and 213 units in Bochum Expansion of tenant communication: Opening of Peach Points in Heidenheim and Oberhausen, further development of tenant app, launch of tenant internet portal


Acquisition of more than 2 400 apartments, among others in Oberhausen, Nordhessen and Bochum; sale of the property in Bad Reichenhall


Acquisition of almost1 700 apartments: Rhineland, Eschwege, Fassberg and Kaiserslautern; sale of Erkrath Retail and Gretag-Areal


Acquisition of almost 570 apartments in Neukirchen-Vluyn


Acquisition of a portfolio in Nordhessen with336 apartments and a hotel in Bad Reichenhall


Acquisition of Gretag-Areal near Zurich


Acquisition of two portfolios in Düsseldorf-Erkrath with 142 apartments and of two buildings in Dortmund


Acquisition of residential portfolio in Munster with 376 apartments