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For us, ethical corporate management practices form the basis of our operations actions.

Whistleblowing system at Peach Group

Thank you for your interest in our external whistleblowing system.

We respect the legal order and stand for integrity and transparency as well as we pay heed to values such as fairness and honesty.

In order to prevent or detect violations of the law and to guarantee an EU-wide standard for the protection of whistle-blowers, the European Union has adopted the EU Whistleblower Directive ((EU) 2019/1937).

The directive is implemented at our company by setting up a corresponding reporting system consisting of a reporting portal and a hotline.

Our employees and third parties who have contact with us as our tenants or in the course of their professional activities can use the reporting system to report violations of the law and our Code of Conduct. Such reports can be submitted anonymously and confidentially. The report reaches the Integrity GmbH as the externally contracted ombuds office handling information provided by whistleblowers.

Reports can be submitted to the whistleblower portal at Further information is also available there. You can also reach the whistleblower system via the external hotline on +49 173 459 11 96

NOTE: Please note that our whistleblowing system is not intended for general complaints. If you are dissatisfied with a rental agreement or any other service provided by us, please contact the appropriate contact person.