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Employees – the foundation of our Group

UN SDGs relevant to us in the area of employees

We, as a Group, shoulder a high level of responsibility for the well-being of our employees, and it is our belief that healthy and satisfied employees are an essential part of having a positive impact on society. Therefore, we are committed to fostering a workplace environment that promotes physical and mental health, a good work-life balance, ongoing talent development and professional development.

We aim to ensure that every member of our team feels valued and respected. By investing in the health and satisfaction of our employees, we are improving both the well-being of individuals and are strengthening our efforts to drive positive change and achieve our sustainability goals.

Working practices and employee retention

We consciously strive to create a pleasant working environment. Flat hierarchies and open and transparent internal dialogue make it easy for everyone in the organization to contribute new ideas and have a creative impact on our growing Group. We ensure a secure environment where staff feels comfortable. We offer our employees a modern, digital, and mobile working environment that allows them to work flexibly.

Flexible working models help to strengthen employee retention by catering to employees’ individual needs and life circumstances. The option of flexible working hours enables employees to integrate their work more effectively into their personal lives, thereby increasing their motivation and level of satisfaction. At Peach Property Group, we fully support a flexible working time model that is adapted to the unique circumstances of our employees, and provide opportunities for remote work.

Peach Property Group values an open feedback culture. Annual performance reviews were carried out with all employees during the reporting year. These discussions give employees and managers alike the opportunity to exchange views on the achievement of personal and Group-specific goals and to set mutual expectations and objectives for the next financial year.

Creating succession plans and developing the skills of our employees continues to be key components of our

retention program. In addition, we offer fair and market- oriented remuneration, which usually consists of a base salary and a bonus component. The bonus component is based on the achievement of individual and Group targets. In addition, selected employees participate in Performance Stock Units (PSU) programs and are granted the opportunity to participate in the long-term success of the Peach Property Group. The PSUs are entitlements to Peach Property Group AG shares and are dependent on achieving Group targets over a three-year performance period. We review our compensation model on an ongoing basis and adjust it as deemed necessary. The remuneration of our employees is not subject to any collective agreements.

Additionally, we provide non-salary benefits such as public transportation passes for our employees (Jobticket / Deutschlandticket).

A company doctor provides our employees with convenient access to healthcare in the workplace and promotes a healthier work environment. This proactive approach to healthcare can reduce absenteeism, improve employee health, and promote a sense of support and care in the workplace.

Training and education

Peach Property Group encourages its employees to deepen their knowledge and continuously develop their skills – either internally or through external training providers. We support our employees with their career development and further education by paying for a portion of the costs. Furthermore, we grant employees five days of educational leave per year in accordance with the Employee Further Education Act (AWbG)

Occupational health, safety and well-being

Employee health and safety is a top priority for the Group. We strive for zero work-related accidents. Thus, our approach focuses on prevention through specific training and awareness programs.

We have partnered with an external service provider to appoint a company medical officer and an occupational health specialist. All our employees in Germany can make an appointment with our company doctor to have their health-related or mental complaints treated.  Additional specialists from our external service provider may be involved if necessary. The appointed occupational health and safety specialist regularly checks working conditions to ensure that no illnesses or health problems are caused by the workplace or the working environment. Every quarter, our Health and Safety Committee holds meetings with the external service provider to address current issues and coordinate work across the various functions.

Employees who are exposed to hazards while carrying out their work (such as maintenance men) are provided with suitable work clothing (e.g. safety boots). Regular instructions and information are provided on the necessary safety measures to be taken when performing duties. Where such services are provided by external contractors, we set out in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) what and how such services shall be performed – including safety instructions for the personnel involved. In addition, all our business partners must comply with our Code of Conduct for Business Partners, which states that they must ensure a safe working environment that does not pose any harm to health.

Work-related accidents are tracked, reported and investigated by superiors, and appropriate corrective measures are developed.

Diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion

At Peach Property Group, we celebrate our differences in who we are, how we think and what we have experienced. We are dedicated to promoting diversity and equality within our organization, and strive to create an environment that allows all employees to thrive. We ensure that individuals with disabilities do not face any barriers or disadvantages throughout the application process or as valued members ofour teams.

Our employees come from 13 nations and are spread across all age groups and genders. Fully functional cooperation in this heterogeneous workforce is essential for the well-being of all our employees and the success of the Group. Our aim is to create a Group with a zero-tolerance policy. As such, we do not tolerate any form of bullying, harassment, coercion, violence, or discrimination based on ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, skin color, religion, political opinion, or national or social origin. Violations must be reported immediately to superiors and the HR department, or via our external online whistleblower system.

Selection of our current KPIs in the area of employees

Proportion of women in the Group47 %
Proportion of female managers42 %
Employee turnover rate24 %
Ratio of performance appraisals carried out100 %
The entire set of employee-related KPIs can be found in our Sustainability Report 2023